Coastal Elves

Coastal Elves are considered the bums and wanderers of the elvish race. Their skin is often blue or green and their society is far less organized and structured than their relatives. They love freedom and the ocean. Some are known to have webbed hands and feet. They also have excellent relations with the Fairy and other sea creatures. Animal Empathy, Allies (animals), and Special Report (animal friend) are all common advantages. Coastal Elves live on the coasts, islands, and seas all over the eastern and southern oceans. Some are sea farmers while others are traders and fishers. They have developed unique architectural styles and their buildings can usually withstand great hurricanes with only minimal damage. As with all elves, magic is an integral part of their lives. They have smiths and armorers that can make elvish armor and weaponry. It is rumored that all elvish armorers are part of a guild that transcends racial/cultural boundaries. They have expert glass blowing skills, as well as magically reinforced boats and ships. They also have unique martial arts styles that specialize in fighting in boats and on wet surfaces as well as in and out of the water.

Despite their love of others, Coastal Elves have a loosely organized society. There are cities but most are quite isolated from humans and others. These cities each have their own unique system of government. Conflict between groups of coastal elves is all but unheard of. It is even rumored that they mark their vessels and structures with magic wards that only other Coastal Elves can see and read. Thus they are prevented from raiding or attacking one another. The various communities will come together though if threatened by a common enemy. Many of their homes are floating with sea animals and pets as guardians, otters and dolphins being the most common. All Coastal Elves have Swimming (at DX+2), Breathing (at DX+2), and know the Water Breathing spell (at IQ) with no need for prerequisites. Most Coastal Elves have developed skills in Navigation, Star Reading, Meteorology, and a myriad of other naval skills necessary for survival on the seas.

Coastal Elves have a flare for excellence and artistry, as do most elves. Coastal Elves also have a very deep connection with the Fairy and nature but tend to be much more gregarious and less xenophobic than other elves. Half Elves are freely accepted among them, and it is not uncommon to find Elves, Humans, and Orcs of all types living together. They love life and believe in living it to the fullest. Many are nomadic and follow fish migrations and currents throughout the year. Few Humans have seen the huge cities and fewer still the rumored floating ones. If you offend a Coastal Elf once, he will likely forgive you. If you offend him twice, he will be wary. If you offend him three times, you have likely made a near mortal enemy. They can be as cruel and unforgiving as the ocean. Wood is a very precious commodity and those in their society who can carve, work, and handle it are highly respected.

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Coastal Elves

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