Marcego are bat people. There arms are actually wings, but they still have hands for fine manipulation. (I think this is how they were supposed to work. I can’t remember all of the details.) The Marcego live in a crater/tunnel formed when the meteorite crashed into the planet, albeit very far down. The main entrance is covered by a several-layered canopy of tropical rain forest on one of the southern islands. It is lost and forgotten to all sentient races, even the Marcego. The tunnel travels almost all the way to the center of the planet, and this is where the meteorite, or what it left of it, still sits. This meteorite is what brought magic to the planet. It is also the cause of mutations that created almost all of the races and allowed opening between the Fairy and Demon realms. Those little six-legged lizards that you find underground were the precursors to dragons.

There are waterfalls, rivers, jungles, deserts, and everything else as you progress down the tunnel. Earthquakes have altered it immensely and Redmen, Dwarfs, and Drow all have outposts that touch it. None of these races know what it truly is, but even members of those races who live far from it will have heard rumors or stories of it. The only races that still inhabit the tunnel are the Marcego and the Redmen. The Marcego live in the very deepest layers where, through curious magical effects, there is little gravity. The Marcego live on floating islands of rock that float throughout the tunnel. They do have some settlements along the walls, ceilings, and floors; but because of the tunnels steep slant most of the way, life along the walls is necessarily limited. The floating rock islands come in every imaginable shape and size. Some are truly monstrous and are easily the size of entire countries on the surface world, whereas others are tiny and could not support any sort of settlement. It is not unheard of for these floating islands to move, and many support large cities. They trade, farm, flourish quite well. Inhabited islands have safety measures in case of falls or spills. There have also been wars and migrations of all sorts as would be expected among any advanced civilization.

An occasional adventurer/explorer will brave the depth or heights of the tunnel, and a few have even charted and mapped the upper parts of the tunnel. The deep abyss is of course closer to the center of the planet. The further one goes the hotter it becomes and the harder to fly. There are a variety of other dangers however and no one has ever returned from the deepest parts of the abyss. Inversely, a few Marcego explorers have made it to the surface world and returned, but it has been a very long time since this has happened. Marcego in general are starting to think that tales of the “wall-less” realm above are only myths.

Marcego do have contact with a few other races. Firstly, they know of and trade with the Redmen. This is a limited relationship however and Marcego do not trust them in the slightest. In fact, Redmen are only allowed into certain trading cities along the tunnel walls. There have been some bloody battles between the two races in the past. There is also an ancient race of Fishmen that also trade with the Marcego that are trusted even less than the Redmen. There has never been a recorded war with the Fishmen, but the inherent differences between the races as well as some hidden hatreds have created enough paranoia that the Marcego watch and regulate contact with the Fishmen to the utmost. It has been that way since before anyone can remember, or history books can recite, and it will always continue to be so. The Marcego seem to intuitively know that if they loose that fear and distrust they will pay dearly. Neither the Drow nor the Dwarfs have any knowledge of the Marcego, and the Marcego have only heard tell of them through the Redmen.

Due to the confinement of most smaller tunnels, the Marcego rarely venture into “the wall” or any of its streams. They have wild lands and fight Dragons and other magical creatures. The realm of the “full tunnel”" is immense and a continent unto itself – how be it an odd shaped continent of floating islands. Marcego ofter sleep upside down and learn to fight upside down, in flight, and in other seemingly odd positions. They even have special underwater and tunnel fighting forces. They have magicians, farmers, craftsmen, artisans, and everything else. They have several feudal type governments, but due to immense travel they all still speak the same language with only minor dialectical differences. They do have occasional wars and the like, but on no where near the scale of the surface dwellers. Their paranoia of the Fishmen and, to a lesser extent, the Redmen seems to always stop conflicts, or at least lessen them. They feel that if they weaken themselves too much these foreign races will somehow destroy them.

Marcego have trained bats they use like falcons. These bats are somewhat different than a normal bat, but essentially the same animal. They also have other unusual pets similar to flying and nonflying dogs, cats, beasts of burden, etc. They also have floating and river barges for the transportation of goods. Many disputes are resolved by two champions in a three dimensional arena. They are rarely to the death.

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