Seldom encountered four-armed race that lives very deep in the earth. In fact, they live deeper than both the Drow and Dwarfs. Their torsos are elongated to accommodate the two extra limbs. Their skin is generally a dark reddish color and they have a lion-like tail that helps balance their awkward upper bodies. Redmen maintain limited relations with the Marcego, Fishmen, some very deep delving Dwarfs, and a state of almost constant warfare with the Drow. Their society is ancient and existed as long as the Yuanti and Reptile men. In fact, it was the disastrous war between the two races that originally forced the Redmen so deep into the earth. To survive such a harsh environment, the Redmen have made many pacts with the Demon realm. This has become an accepted norm in virtually all Redman cities.

Redman: Attr=+10; Adv=+49; Dis=-25; Total =+34

  • ST -1=-10
  • DX +1=+20


  • Universal digestion =+5
  • Night vision =+5
  • Infravision =+10
  • Extra Arms: base +10/arm (+20); +2 grapple or resist; +3 pin or resist =+20pts
  • Extra Arm (tail): base +10; Extra-flexible +50%; Short -30%; Weak -50%; No Fine Manipulation -50% =+2pts
  • Flexibility: Perk that allows Redmen to buy extra length for tail, Extra Attacks, & Enhanced Tracking =+1
  • Extended Lifespan: 2 Levels: maturity 72 – aging 100 =+4
  • Longevity =+2


  • Dependency: Mana; Very Common -5; Daily x3 =-15
  • Intolerance =-10

Redmen as a race are mentally unstable by human standards all have one type of mental defect of -10 points or more, and most have 3 or 4. Some of the greatest historical figures have had many more; if not all of those listed: Overconfidence, Manic Depressive, Sadism, Bully, Jealousy, Paranoia, Bad Temper, Blood Lust, Callous, Chronic Depression, Compulsive Behavior, Cowardice, Delusions, Laziness, Lecherousness, Megalomania, Miserliness, Greed, Obsession, On the Edge, Phantom Voices, and Split Personality.

A common Redman would be built on 150pts with a variety of skills indicative of age. Superior Redmen are built on 200 to 250pts, and exceptional Redmen may be built on 300+. The more powerful Redmen are – the more mental disadvantages they seem to have.

Redmen frequent with Demons and other supernatural creatures; it is common to see these horrors walking the streets on a daily basis. They are as common as house hold pets and there are even sections of cities set aside for such visitors. This intimate contact with the supernatural almost assuredly contributes to the level of insanity. This insanity, and the intimacy with the supernatural make the Redmen deprived by even Drow standards.

Redmen are also the archetype swash bucklers. Although all types of martial arts exist; the saber, dagger, and small shield are exonerated. The Redman who learns to attack and use a dagger-like weapon on his tail in conjunction with the other four arms is often very revered for his skill.

Although physical prowess is respected, the truly powerful command magic and the supernatural.

Redmen have nearly a 100% literacy rate. The elite speak the languages of the supernatural. Only merchants would speak any other earthly language. It is debasing and mundane to be associated with the lower life forms. Even those who learn these languages never admit it in certain social situations; foreign visitors, supernatural or otherwise, are forced to communicate in the Redman tongues.

Outside of Redman society the following disadvantages may apply: Reputation with underground races, like Drow, Fishmen, and Morcego =-10; Appearance of Hideous =-16pts, or higher depending on the prevailing culture and personal variance.

Redmen are usually covered in ornate jewelry, piercings, tattoos, perfumes, and expensive and often revealing clothing. Their skin is a sparking red with hues from almost Light brown to a deep crimson. Branding and other self mutilation is also common. Redmen have very little to no body hair. Those with head or facial hair are uncommon. In such cases however deep metallic hues of copper, gold, silver, white, and black are predominate.

Redmen create light weight metals of amazing quality. Most clothing is made of metallic thread, gold being very common. Redmen also have an excellent engineer class. Although they may not express the natural aptitude the Dwarves do for mining, they can surpass them with their marvels of engineering augmented by strong magical effects. Necromancy is disdained, however demonology is the most respected and revered of noble achievements.

Magical items are an every day occurrence, rune magic however is nearly nonexistent. Slavery is the norm and enslaved demons are used for working in places that normal Drow or Redman slaves could not.

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