Southern Orcs

Some rumors say that there are gorilla like creatures that inhabit the southern continent’s jungles. These are in fact Orcs. They have been spotted by explorers and sailors but none have ever been captured – dead or alive. They are in all aspects like other orcs, except they have four arms and visible tusks. The ones that have been spotted thus far are a wild primitive bunch living at a tech level of one or two. They live in tribes/clans, some of which have degenerated almost to the level of animals. they live on the northern tip of the southern continent. There are several natural barriers that have separated these degenerate orcs from their more advanced kin to the south.

These advanced tribes live are in a near constant state of war with their Yuanti or snake men neighbors. They operate at tech level 3 and are quite proficient in most areas. They were once dominated by the Yuanti but have thrown off the shackles of slavery. There extra arms are a legacy from the Yuan-ti and were created through extensive magical experimentation, and their tusks a remnant of a more primitive orc stock. The orcs speak their own language, but a few maintain that of their former masters as well.

Interestingly, amongst there orcs a unique genetic trait has manifest itself: a single eye in the middle of the forehead – much like a cyclops. It seems to be an exclusively southern/jungle orc trait and although somewhat common among them would likely lead to adverse reaction modifiers amongst any other society.

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Southern Orcs

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