World History

All about The Meteor and its effects on the planet. Basically a creation myth.

“Black” is, or will be, the name of a great orc leader who suffers from a unique disadvantage that is the reverse of albinism. Along with great magical aptitude, Black also has a fully Eidetic memory, Language talent, Cultural adaptability, Charisma, and great military and leadership skills. He will be above average in dexterity, strength, and fighting skill; but nothing too special. His main strength will be the discipline he is capable of inspiring amongst his armies. This military structure and campaign will change the face of the Western world and create order on a scale that no orc has ever seen and the Eastern Orcs may never understand, but will be forced to comply with.

Black will appear amongst the nomadic steppe Orcs between the Great Desert, the Northern Forest, and the Orient of the west coast. He will unite or destroy the Steppe Orcs, many desert nomads, Reptile men on the fringe of the desert, and even some rogue Dwarfs into a viscous fighting force and drive them against the Sorcerer/Desert cities of the south. He will not destroy all of the cities, but will have ways of countering many powerful magics from the them (perhaps uncovered in the ancient desert or buried Dwarf and orc ruins). He may also begin to assault the great mountains of the East. Most societies will be subjugated or destroyed by him. Many races will join his cause, but the Elves will have no choice but to utterly flee before him.

Putting this into a campaign of some sort would require an expansion on the history, culture, and geography of the Orient as well as that of the Orcs east and west of the Great Desert.

World History

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