Very similar to the snake people originally detailed in D&D. Individuals have a variety of snake-like mutations ranging from smooth scales to a snake head or even lower body.

The Yuanti were once the dominant power on the Southern Continent and the huge and bizarre ruins that dominate the landscape attest to their once great power and civilization. What is left are scattered Yuanti clans at was with each other and the Orcs. The orcs are are actually former slaves that have thrown off the shackles of slavery. The Yuanti have isolated themselves from the wild and warring orcs, but maintain orc slaves in their slave pens and occasionally go on raids to provide new blood to the breading stock. The Yuanti are divided into many warring factions. Once one faction gains dominance, the goal is to reestablish a communication link with the “father continent” and usher in a new era of Yuanti dominance. Of course this has been the mindset for thousands of years.

The Yuanti and Reptile men are two separate and very different races. At one point in history they were bitter enemies fighting for control of continents. The Reptile men of the Northern Continent may have lost this information in eons past, the Yuanti have not. There may still be a faction of Reptile men eking out an existence in the ruins and jungles of the south. Dragons, especially the aged and ancient ones have a deep hatred for the Yuanti and their struggles.

There is allegedly another continent where the Yuanti are the dominant power. The Northern and Southern continents are a remnant of an age old battlefield between the Reptile men and Yuanti. Redmen and the aquatic Fishmen are the only races to have existed as long as the conflict; they have survived by living deep underground, or deep in the ocean. Later, after much destruction, Marcego, Dwarfs, and Elves. Then came the short-lived races Humans, Orcs, and Gnolls. The Fairy and Demon have been with the planer for ages, but in a magically separated dimension. They were not able to move into this dimension until after the great wars between Reptile and Yuanti.

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